NECS iPhone – Non-Compliant iPhone?

Some NECS iPhone users may receive an update to their device which installs a lock screen alert advising that the device […]

How to Set Up a NECS iPhone

NECS issued iPhones are enrolled in the Apple Device Enrollment Programme (DEP) which means NECS can manage the devices remotely.  […]

How to Setup NHS Mail Account On Your NECS iPhone

This article describes the steps to take to add your NHS Mail account eg. to your iPhone.  From the […]

NECS iPhone – Problems with Sophos Control App?

The Sophos Mobile Control app installed on NECS iPhones is used to manage the device and it displays the compliance […]

NECS iPhone – Software Update Stuck at “Update Requested”

NECS iPhone users are required to keep their devices up to date with the latest version of the iPhone operating […]

Alert: We have moved

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