Smartcard Name Change

This process describes how an ID Checker can perform a name change for a smartcard user and request a new smartcard to be printed with the updated name.

A smartcard name change is a change of a user’s Core Identity therefore requires evidence to support the change which must be recorded on Care Identity Service. Examples of evidence are Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate, Deed Poll Certificate, Divorce Papers etc.  Original documents must be presented to the ID Checker in a face to face meeting with the smartcard user.

Remember to request the smartcard which is detailed at the end of this process.

PROCESS STEPS – ID Checker Perform Smartcard Name Change

This process must be carried out by an ID Checker.

From the CIS Dashboard, enter the user’s 12 digit UUID (best option), name or NI number into the search field and click Search or press Enter.

From the results page, click on the UUID (blue underlined link) against the person’s name.

This will then display the user’s profile page including their photograph. Click on the Modify Personal Details button.

Make the necessary amendments to the user’s name in the relevant fields. PLEASE NOTE: A user’s name must be their LEGAL NAME. Variations of a person’s given/first name are permitted in the Preferred Name field. This will print on the physical smartcard eg. a person called William Smith must have Given name “William” and Family name “Smith” but may have Preferred name “Billy Smith”. Billy Smith will then be printed on the smartcard.

Once changes have been made a new section of the form will open up under the photograph section. Scroll down the page to view the Identity Change Verification section.

From the drop down list select the appropriate documentary evidence which has been presented and press the Add button.  Enter details from the document in the relevant field and the date from the document. Tick the box to verify that original documents have been seen and confirmed in a face to face meeting with the smartcard user.

Once all information has been entered, check the details and click the blue Update User button

This will immediately update the user’s name in Care Identity Service. However, a new smartcard must be requested from the Registration Authority.

How to Request the New Smartcard

PLEASE REMEMBER – To request the card please email stating that you have performed a name change for the user. Please state the user’s name and 12 digit smartcard UUID number along with the full postal address of your organisation. A replacement will be posted. The old card must be securely destroyed upon receipt of the replacement and will be cancelled on the system.

Please Note: The above email address should not be used for any other purpose. General enquiries will not be responded to. If you have any other smartcard related query please contact the Registration Authority via the NECS Service Desk on 0300 555 0340 or


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