How to Request FFFFF Locum ETP Access

Locum Pharmacists and Locum Technicians who may be required to work at any pharmacy at short notice may be assigned the generic organisational FFFFF LOCUM PHARMACY role on their smartcard.

Where a locum may only work in up to 5 or 6 regular pharmacies or work for multiple stores for the same organisation then it is more beneficial to have the specific site codes added rather than the FFFFF role. An on-site smartcard Sponsor can add access to a pharmacist/technician for their own pharmacy if required.

PLEASE NOTE: The following applies to locums based in the North East of England or North Yorkshire/Vale of York only. If you are reading this and you are based elsewhere in the country, please contact the relevant Registration Authority by clicking HERE. [external site where NECS has no control over accuracy of information]

To request FFFFF Locum access please contact the Registration Authority via the NECS Service Desk on 0300 555 0340 or Provide the following information: (the NECS Service Desk may request additional information to enable your call to be logged)

  • Full name
  • 12 digit UUID number from the front of your smartcard.
  • A mobile contact number and your consent for this to be added to the smartcard system should the need arise for us or any other Registration Authority to contact you in the future. You can update your own contact details if you wish with alternate details. (please tell us if you will be doing this)
  • Your GPhC registration number.
  • Your contact number to discuss your request (if different to your mobile number).

The Registration Authority will contact you if needed to discuss your business justification then request that this access is approved and granted.

If you require Summary Care Record (SCR) access against the FFFFF Locum role please firstly apply for FFFFF Locum access as per the above process. Once you have this access, please see the How to request SCR Access page for information on how to request SCR access.


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