SDI Re-accreditation

In late 2016 the Service Desk was once again visited by the Service Desk Institute (SDI) auditors to assess the Service Desk against the internationally accepted global standard for best practice.  We maintained our 3 star accreditation, achieving an increased score on the previous year’s audit and just 0.10 from a 4 star accreditation.

The audit once again assessed the Service Desk against many criteria including;

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Reporting
  • Social Responsibility
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Leadership

In all areas the Service Desk performed well, but most impressively within the areas of People and Customer Satisfaction, where we achieved scores in line with a 4 star desk.  This reflects our continued excellent customer satisfaction scores, and ability to respond to customers feedback in a positive and proactive way.

The auditors noted that our approach to continual service improvement is particularly impressive, adopting best practice from within the healthcare sector and incorporating the approach used in car manufacturing.  This approach is not unique to the Service Desk, and with the help of the internal Continuous Improvement team has become culturally embedded throughout NECS.

The NECS Service Desk together with the Continuous Improvement team will be presenting at this year’s SDI Conference, presenting a break out session on implementing Continuous Improvement within a Service Desk environment.

The Service Desk remains committed to improving the Service Desk and achieving a 4 star accreditation in the future.  If you have ideas of suggestions to improve what we do please email us at









Above, the trophies presented to NECS for their reaccreditation.