Peer Approver Quiz

Welcome to your Peer Approver Quiz


Which of the following is true?


You want to replace a switch at the Data Centre.  You require an hours downtime to do the work, but you judge as you've done this before there is little to no risk of anything going wrong.  What type of change is this?


A department within NECS wants a new version of Visio installing.  You have arranged licences, and have decided to deploy this using SCCM to save time.  What type of Change would this be?


BT are making a Change to their Infrastructure and advise NECS that the N3 Network will be unavailable for an hour on a Sunday morning.  What type of Change is this?


When Peer approving a Major Change before CAB which of these do you need to ensure?


Which of the following would not go in the Change Description?


Which of the following should not be put in the risk section?


A Back out plan should be (Select all that apply)


Which of these is correct for the Post Testing strategy?

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