NECS STAFF ONLY – IT Procurement Request

Click on the NECS IT ServiceDesk icon on your desktop

This will now display the NECS Servicedesk home page

At the top click on Self Service

You will now be presented with a login page enter your username and password for self service. Then click signin

Left click on My Service from middle of the page or on left hand side

You will now be presented with a list of service to choose from

Click plus sign next to Purchase IT Equipment then select Procurement – NECS and clikc on Raise Request

Select Yes from drop down box if its not for a new starter and click next. All Hardware for NECS New Starters is picked up during the HR process.

Now complete all fields marked as red then click on next

Enter details of Hardware or Software that is required with a business justification for procurement request. Once completed click on next

Now select line manager and head of service from drop down boxes to approve the request.Click Next

Click Next

You will now see the summary screen check all details are correct then click on Submit

The next screen will now display the Call ref number for the request starting F this is required if calling to Servicedesk for update in request.