Bi-Annual Survey Results

Many thanks to all our customers that took part in our October customer survey.  The results from the survey are summarised below.

We continue to beat our own internal target for delivering call answer times, with over 90% of respondents rating us as good or excellent.  We are conscious of trying to improve the answer times, as we know how frustrating it can be waiting to get a call answered.   The Service Desk continues to try and reduce call volumes, which in turn allows us to answer the calls quicker.


A concern to us is the reduction in satisfaction with the Knowledge of our staff, which although still above target has noticeably reduced in the last 2 surveys.  We will be discussing this target within our own internal Service Improvement group to ensure we reverse this trend in coming surveys.


We also noticed a reduction in the satisfaction with the time to log a call.  We have made significant improvements in this area over the past 18 months, targeting an average call time of 6 minutes.  Having said this we are aware on occasions calls can go significantly over that, and we need to look at ways of improving and reducing the length of the longer calls.


Our first time fix rates are an area we are starting to look into much deeper, and we are looking to achieve significant improvements in this area going forward.


For the first time in the surveys we asked your preferences in terms of contacting the Service Desk.  You told us  you were happy with all the mechanisms we provided, and only 1 person asked for a mobile app. While we recognise changing technologies and will continue to evaluate them, its important we target our resource in improving some of the other areas discussed in this survey, so for the moment we will be sticking with Telephone, Email, Self Service and Chat.